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Norrköping is a city in constant transformation, a transformation that is in the soul of the town and that expresses itself in many different ways.

We are a part of the fourth largest metro region and our location couldn’t have been better, connecting rail, waterways, aviation, and motorways. Here you find people with visions and creative ambitions who together with a large range of entertainment, experiences and art are making Norrköpingthe cultural capital of the region.

Over the next few years, Norrköping will undergo anexciting transformation, this is what we call Next:Norrköping.

Ostlänken – a new generation Railway

Ostlänken is the first step towards a new generation railway in Sweden. High-speed trains running on a double-track line will enable us to meet future demand for convenient, reliable and sustainable transportation of passengers and goods. With Ostlänken travel times are shortened considerably, making Norrköping a part of the housing and employment market of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

As for Norrköping, this means that a new travel center will be built just north of today’s station. And in the surrounding areas, a new city district will evolve with space for 6,000 residents and 6,000 jobs.

The Inner Harbor

First in line in the extensive city transformation is the Inner harbor, which will become a natural part of Norrköping’s city center . In the Inner  harbor, 2,000 new homes are being planned. The water will be in focus, with the river as well as new channels flowing into the area. The Inner  harbor will be built in several stages, starting now.



Ostlänken – East Link Project

Ostlänken is the first step towards a new generation railway in Sweden.

Ostlänken – East Link project


Experience Norrköping

Sights and attractions that Norrköping has to offer.

Experience Norrköping


About Norrköping

Norrköping boasts a geographical location for both people and companies.

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